About Us

FAVAE, a passionate startup by the expressive minds of Ciana Umesh and Meghna Gowda - graduates from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore - symbolizes the fresh ideas that they strive to bring in their designs.


Our Designs


Why Favae?

Favae's Luxury Bespoke Studio offers a wide range of design options, fabrics, and styles to choose from. Our custom-tailored clothing reflects the ultimate personal style that our customers eye for. Our dresses are tailored to exact customer specifications, not just in terms of size and style but also in terms of luxury and affordability.



#382, Shop 1

10th main, BCC Layout, near BCC Layout bus stop, Vijayanagar, Bangalore 560040

Tel: +91 9945686001, +91 8150084846

Email: favaeindia@gmail.com